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Plamenka Trajkovska 
- small chamber ensembles

- string quartet/trio, string sexstet, tango trio, 
duo violin and piano/violoncello, solo violin

PLAMENKA TRAJKOVSKA - small chamber ensembles

      Plamenka Trajkovska - small chamber ensemble is musical organization which aims bringing classical music to the widest audience. The basic idea is that classical music should be widely available and it is not intended only for selected circle of listeners.

     Plamenka Trajkovska - small chamber ensemble realize music program on concerts, event, official dinners, cocktail parties and family celebrations.

    In its composition have more forms: string quartet/trio, string sextet, tango trio, duo violin and piano/cello and solo violin.

Music program consists  Pearls of classical music, compositions ,,crossover'' style with classical themes, and complete entertaiment program with popular songs as ringtones, pop, r&b, rock, tango, traditional songs and movie themes.

Beaty and the beast
Plamenka Trajkovska (Appassionato)